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By ANA Reporter Apr 7, 2020 ces questions, celle des phénomènes de densification et de dédensification des territoires urbains. En complément à ce dossier, une note méthodologique et technique présente d’autres outils techniques mobilisables pour réaliser le lissage cartographique. Autour de la gare et le long de l’axe commerçant, la densification est plus pertinente si elle est effectuée par du collectif avec des commerces en rez-de-chaussée. Et c’est seulement en complément, à l’arrièrede l’axe commerçant et en retrait de la gare, que la densification de type Bimby peut apporter sa contribution. Definition of densification in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary.

De densification

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entre les deux tours des des municipales, on allait voir ce qu'on allait voir, l'hiver allait peser de tout leur poids pour que madame Hidalgo renonce à des projets de densification de la ville, on est planté des arbres, on allait mettre des des espaces verts partout et voilà des U quatre-vingt-seize, on a le résultat aujourd'hui pour euh pour Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. This will not only bring fewer individuals to campus but also free up space to be used as classrooms and learning spaces to allow for further de-densification. Keywords urban density, de-densification, re-densification, relational geography, urban transformation, sociospatial inequality, ecological crisis. De-Densify the Workplace Without Expanding the Footprint.

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Critics of Sisulu’s de-densification include planning and housing experts who say that the cost of the planned moves was such that the money In practice, de-densification can mean different things based on the aspect of campus life in question. On the academic side of the house, this could include reducing face-to-face class sizes, mandating in-class physical distancing, offering online or hybrid courses, and changing class schedules to stagger start and end times. Though de-densification seems inarguably reasonable under the call of social-distancing, the list of ripple effects of a plan like minister Lindiwe Sisulu's “De-densification is just a fancier word for forced eviction.

De densification

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Against the backdrop of a housing crisis, a number of local authorities in Ontario, Canada, have developed policies to encourage the creation of “accessory apartments” or “secondary suites” – in other words, new dwellings within single-family homes. Anastasia Touati analyses the advantages, as well as the ambiguities, of this novel form of residential densification.

Headline. Info about additional measures we are taking this year . De-densification: Sisulu’s plan meets with resistance Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu's de-densification proposal has ruffled more than a few feathers around South Africa. De-densification of workspaces.
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This means an extensive retooling of existing space to meet the Preparations underway to de-densify instructional, living spaces As people across Purdue prepare for a return to on-campus instruction in the fall, beginning with a soft launch of some programs in July, preparations are underway to de-densify classrooms and living spaces across campus to allow for safe social distancing. With the need for social distancing in mind, many businesses will need to rethink their real estate assets and workplace strategies, with de-densification playing a major role in the next few months. Discussing new strategies for workplaces was common for some companies, but for many others it was not. De-densification of workspaces With the need for social distancing in mind, many businesses will need to rethink their real estate and workplace strategies.

De-Densify the Workplace Without Expanding the Footprint.
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What does the future hold for the global office sector? ASI

It helps occupiers to maintain social distancing, enhance the office space wellness and reduce infrastructure woes of a city. An additional measure we are taking in alignment with NC Department of Health and Human Services recommendations is to de-densify our residence halls. At UNC Charlotte, this means reducing the number of residents who share bedrooms across campus so that every student is in a bedroom by themselves even if they share common living space with others.